Monday, December 17, 2012

One rough end of the year for my family. First the car accident, now the shooting. But I am really thankful to the lord that He is really standing by our side. And really showing us today how greatfull we have to be and how ready we have to be to meet our heavenly Father.
No body knows the day or time when your life will come to an end. Or in what condition. Many times we hear about the older generation really needing to look at their life because its time for them to pass away. We don't hear about it for the younger generation or the youth. We have dreams and big goals. But when do we ask God to let His will be done?

I just want to say a few words of encouragement.

If you are different it doesn't matter- God made you that way,
If you are dressing more conservative than others, who cares- God wants that
If people are laughing at you and spitting at your face because of your faith to God- Thank the Lord because you are experiencing what He went through. 
And if you are not accepted by your friends- Who cares. 

Because their is only one that is truly going to accept you and that is our Father. 

He knows our pain, He sees our tears, and their is nothing better than getting to spend time with him. 

How ready are you to see your Heavenly Father?

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