Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi All,

Today I have something I want to share. As I am sitting here I am listening to the radio and there is this really amazing song playing, The words are saying there are so many stars in this world, and we are not able to count it all. We need to be able to trust in the Lord because He did not give up on us and through everything He continues to bless us. Very powerful strong.

But I was going to write about something else. For the past 4 weeks in our youth we had the topic of how to serve God? There were so many preachings and testimonies, and they were all very strong.

Yesterday as I was cleaning out the garden with my sisters. We were pulling out all the weeds. My dad told us to be carefull of what we rip out and the stuff that needed to get ripped out should be ripped out with the root or it will star growwing again. And that made me think. In our daily lives what does not let us connect with God. Or what is in the way? We have to pull out those things. And we have to get rid of it all the way. Not just get the top off. Getting the top off allowes it to come back in. But when you get the root out. it stops growing. And if we truly want to be able to serve God with the bottoms of our hearts. We have to be able to remove all the weeds in our lives.

I hope that this will come to some use to someone. And if not thats okay because I learned something out of this lesson... :)